Schulungen und Webinare

05.10.2022 (14:00 - 15:00)

DUNGS Gassystems Manufacturing – Theroretical Overview 

Basis of System Manufacturing: Overview legal requirements & gas supply (required standards)

Manufacturing: Warehouse handling & logistics, Assembling, Packing & Shipping

Paperwork & Documentation: Manuals, Drawings & Certificates


02.11.2022 (14:00 - 15:00)

DUG-Product: Pressure Switches for Gas and Air

Product Range Features, Functions, Benefits Application Examples

Vergangene Veranstaltungen

07.09.2022 - Fundamentals of Fluid Dynami

Conservation Laws Bernoulli's PrincipleApplication Examples at DUNGS

03.08.2022 - Combustion Basics Part 1: Fundamental

Air-Gas-Mixture (Lambda), rich and lean combustion, Premixed and non-premixed combustion
Heating Value, thermal power, flame temperature

13.07.2022 - DUNGS Product MBE GasMultiBloc®

Multifunctional gas control: Stepper actuator with valve/regulator function,

Features, Functions, BenefitsApplication Examples

08.06.2022 - DUNGS Gas Engine Portfolio and Technology

Gas Engine Systems, DUNGS products and Systems for gas engines
Business Segments and Trends Gas Engine Projects DUNGS Service and support for gas Engine systems

11.05.2022 - Burner Types in Process Heat

Needs/Request of process heat Overview burner technology / burner families
Mixing concepts of burner Different burner types: Gun style burner, duct burner, line style burner, and more

06.04.2022 - Electrical Protective Systems, Industrial thermoprocessing

Directives and standards, design and normative framework according to EN746-2 / IEC 13577-4 
P&ID of an IThE in accordance to the DIN EN 746-2 / IEC 13577

16.03.2022 - Webinar zu DVGW G621, G631

Das Thema: Absicherung von Gasinstallationen in Laboren

DVGW-Arbeitsblatt G631 und die DIN 30666 und G 621

02.03.2022 - Webinar zu DUNGS HeatEngine®

Das Thema: Vormischbrennersystem

Linienbrennersysteme, Prozessbedingungen und Anwendungen.

09.02.2022 - Webinar zu Prozesswärmeanwendungen

Das Thema: Hochtemperaturanwendungen, Klassifizierung der industriellen

Anwendungen, Aufbau und Funktionsweise zu Prozesstemperaturen

19.01.2022 - Webinar zur Baureihe FRM!

Das Thema: Merkmale, Funktionen,Vorteile und Anwendungsbeispiele